Art has always consumed Aimee Rayner's life. Although surrounded by art and artists, including her father, from a very young age, Aimee decided she wanted to take a different path and went to school to study interior design. "I love interior design, but something was missing." It was several years until she picked up a paint brush. "One day, I had the urge to paint again and all of my passion for art came rushing back." Aimee's life was forever changed and knew this was her purpose. "It is my mission to create from the heart and the feelings inside of me. Life is too short to ignore what is in your heart and what you are meant to do in life".

Aimee's paintings are abstract interpretations of her visits in nature or what inspires her in her daily life. "I am often inspired while listening to classical music and I like to paint the music the way I feel it. When I am painting I listen with my eyes and let my intuition guide me." Aimee has an eye for design and implements her design principles while she paints. She enjoys working mostly in acrylic but every so often will explore different mediums. Her works are elegant with layers of thinned out paint and loose brush strokes. Aimee is currently creating in her home studio in Dallas, TX.